How to Get 100,000 Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Step-by-step

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Imagine you are playing a game, trying hard to get that gacha when all of a sudden….. gone, you got nothing. Every time you have this happen to you, it takes you one step closer to packing up the game altogether or at least moving on to another more reliable gacha game.

Yes, this often happens when you play games with a gacha system like Cookie Run: Kingdom.
Who else wants to get unlimited Crystals? We have to play this game like crazy to get many Crystals from Cookie Run: Kingdom. With little luck, we might not be able to get Crystals each time.

But AppHacko have a solution!
We found Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystal Hack that has finally been released! It is easy to use and will help give you the edge you need while playing Cookie Run: Kingdom. It also does not require any technical knowledge or special skills at all.

Yes, we got the best solution for your problem with a reliable hack tool. So, you do not need to keep crying any longer because of having fewer Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Get the 100,000 to unlimited Crystals from the hack tool, and you will dominate over everyone in this game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Logo
Cookie Run: Kingdom Logo

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a newly baked game from Devsisters Corp which create the Cookie Run franchise. The game is an excellent dash through a superbly creative, humorous, and at times Cookie crumbles world.

Cookie Run: Kingdom plays much differently in its predecessors, Cookie Run, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and Cookie Wars. Instead of the usual classic endless running game or an army construction mini-strategy warfare game, Cookie Run Kingdoms combines a kingdom-building game using an elementary RPG nature. You revive and run a destroyed kingdom, decide on a group of five brave Cookies to run throughout the levels, beat up enemies and boss which gets in the way. It is possible to acquire new Cookies for your team by rolling in the Gacha section. You need to pay on the gacha with the crystals. You can purchase crystals with actual cash (ouch!). However, the game is merciful enough to allow you to make free crystals.

How can I get free Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are several ways of obtaining Crystals:

  1. In-app purchases (IAP)
  2. Quest & Event rewards
  3. Daily Bonuses
  4. Coupon code (Redeem online at

You can spend your precious Crystals for:

  1. Cookie Gacha (You need strong Cookie to make a balanced team)
  2. Instant construction/production of buildings/materials
  3. Increasing a building’s production queue
  4. Obtaining more Sugar Gnomes
Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals
How to Get Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals

There are other ways to obtain and utilize Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom. You can make Crystals as rewards by completing levels and worlds, doing quests, randomly in the Fountain of Abundance, and daily actions. From time to time, the programmers at Devsisters decide to be kind and hand you 2,000 or so Crystals (enough for few rolls!) or other items for no other reason than the game reaching some milestone on the Google Play Store or there are some significant events. For this, you have to check your mail.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals
Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals

How can I obtain 100,000 Crystals?

Although there are many ways to get crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom as written above, the crystals you will get are very limited and do not meet your needs to find strong Cookies through Gacha. But don’t worry, we’ve found the best ways to get 100,000 Crystals effortlessly, and it’s all without spending a dime. Follow the guide below to get unlimited crystals every day:

Step 1: Find your account’s name first.

Make sure beforehand that you have memorized the account name in Cookie Run: Kingdom. The account name can be the username you choose, or it can also be an email address when you register. This is very important because, in the next step, you will need to input your account’s name/email into Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystal Generator. If you forget your account name, you can find it in the following ways:

How to Find Your Account's Name
How to Find Your Account’s Name

We lock every link for security and avoid abuse. You can open it by sharing this page via social media. After you do that, the link will appear automatically, and you can open it immediately.

Each link will lead to a new page (online hack tool), and you have to follow the instructions carefully until you get the crystals you need. We have also provided an alternative link (see the next step) just if there is a problem with the previous link.

Step 3: Failed? Try the alternative method.

Suppose you have done the previous step and it turns out that the link is problematic or don’t get the results you expected. In that case, you can try the following alternative link.
Just like before, for your safety and to avoid abuse, we also lock the alternative link and you can open it by sharing this page via social media. After you do that, the link will appear automatically, and you can open it immediately.

Alternative Link:

After you have done step 1 to step 3 above, the next step is to open the Cookie Run: Kingdom game and see the results. You will be surprised to find that there is such an easy way to get Crystals without spending a dime. The results you get should be the same as the video below:

Video Proof How to Get 100,000 Cookie Run Kingdom Crystals

Step 5: Get Free Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Play, Gacha, Repeat.

The final step is just a reminder that this guide won’t be around forever. Suppose the Cookie Run: Kingdom server does many updates and patches. In that case, there is a possibility (hopefully it never happens) that the above steps won’t work again. But as Cookie Run: Kingdom lovers, we will always try to find a working tool for obtaining crystals.

Also, make sure not to be too greedy when using the tools above. It will avoid suspicion from the game developer so that your account will always be safe and not get banned.
If you do it right, you can continue to play, draw gacha, and repeat it safely.

Get Unlimited Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals for Free!
Get Unlimited Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals for Free!


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun and extremely challenging game. One of the most rewarding parts to Cookie Run: Kingdom is drawing the gachas to get your cookies for upgrades, but who has the money to be throwing into this game? I don’t. I barely buy anything on this game because I want my crystals to last. This game is a great time killer, though! If you are seeking Cookie Run: Kingdom Crystals, then you are at the right place. have found a tool that can generate 100,000 crystals every time. You do not need to pay anything to follow the rest instruction in the link to enable unlimited crystals hack on your device.

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    This is real, me and my sister try this too. Gracias

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    Amazing, finally I can redeem 100,000 crystals in just one day. I use fresh installed Vivaldi web browser to get verified.
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