How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp on Android

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1. How to Backup WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging software that can send text messages, voice messages, media, and documents. Users can also use WhatsApp to make phone calls and video calls. Sometimes, users tend to delete their chats accidentally. This deletion can be a bit problematic in the case of essential files and documents. However, WhatsApp has taken care of this issue as well.

On losing the chats and media, the users can restore their WhatsApp chats by a backup which will restore the deleted chats. However, one crucial aspect to be kept in mind is that this method is suitable only if the users have already enabled WhatsApp backup previously. Unless the users have allowed Backup for their account, they cannot complete the restoration of their WhatsApp chat history that they may have deleted by mistake. Hence, it is always necessary to make sure that the Backup for WhatsApp account is enabled. In this guide, we will cover all the information related to backing up your Whatsapp data.

Step by step to backup Whatsapp on Android:

One of the standard methods to restore WhatsApp is uninstalling the app and then reinstalling. Android users can find WhatsApp in the play store. There is a chance of losing media received during this method during the latest Backup and uninstallation process. Therefore, before doing so, users must make sure that no information exchange happens during this period. Else, they are bound to lose some data.

Once the users start receiving and sending WhatsApp messages, they will have to ensure that their chat history doesn’t get lost due to technical issues. The following is a set of instructions on how users can back up their WhatsApp on their android device –

  • Connect with Google

To install WhatsApp on an android device, users must make sure that their device is signed in on Google drive and their phone has the space to install WhatsApp. It is available for download on play store for all android users.

  • Enable Backup option on Whatsapp

Once the app installs, users can start using it. They will have to enable the backup option on their WhatsApp.

  • Start Backup

To back up on WhatsApp, firstly, the users must launch the app on their android device. You must click on ‘More Options’ and then tap on Settings. In settings, the users must navigate to ‘Chats’ and then tap on ‘Chat Backup.’

  • Save Backup to drive.

Next, the users must select ‘Back Up to Google Drive. A prompt will show up. Users must choose the frequency of Backup that they want on their WhatsApp. They can choose for the Backup to happen daily, weekly, monthly or never. Next, the users must ensure that they have a Google Account and their phone number. They can tap on ‘Back Up.’

Why I must backup WhatsApp?

In the 2021 data is the digital goldmine that we are all privileged enough to have control over. Whatsapp is the largest messaging platform which is popular among the masses. It is highly beneficial for those who enjoy keeping their chats safe. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a backup of your Whatsapp chats.

  • Keep all your messages safe.

Users who want to have access to their old messages at all times need to have a regular backup cycle. Whatsapp has the option of doing these backup cycles every week, month and yearly. Depending on your requirements users can try the messaging service.

  • Prevents accidental phone issues

Phones are very fragile these days. You can always lose out on essential data when your phone gets damaged. Theft and other conditions are also a problem. Users can expect to be safe from these problems through the backup option. It is ideal for your long term uses.

  • Save files and pictures.

Files and pictures have been a part of WhatsApp since day one. Users from all around the world want to keep their content safe. To do the same, you have to keep the backups safe as well. These will help you to stay at the top of your game.

These are some of the fundamental reasons to keep your content safe online.

How to keep your backups safe.

In case the users need to restore the WhatsApp backup, but they choose the uninstallation method, or they need to Backup for a new phone, then these are the steps that they need to follow –

1. After the users uninstall WhatsApp, they must reinstall the app on their old or new phone.

2. The software will ask for the required details such as the phone number and other personal information.

3. On completion of the above steps, a pop up will appear. The users need to select the Restore button on this popup. The restore button enables WhatsApp chat history and media backup from the google drive.

4. The entire process takes a while based on the amount of WhatsApp data the users have. Further, the users must select Next, and the chats will appear on their phone.

5. Once the chat history restores, the phone will automatically restore Backup from Google Drive.

These are some of the ways you can ensure that your Chat backup is entirely safe. It is ideal for those who enjoy easy use of the service.

How to store Backup on your devices.

Whatsapp offers users with cloud and local backups. Users can store their data with ease through multiple means. Local Backup can help restore data and do so the users have to transfer media to the new device using a computer, an SD card, or the File Explorer. If they have enabled WhatsApp Local Backup, then it is easy to restore media and chat history. Here are the steps on how to incorporate the above mentioned–

  1. Users must navigate to File Manager on their device and open it.
  2. They must select Device Storage and select WhatsApp.
  3. Users must tap on Databases. The Backup gets saved in here.
  4. For easy access, you can the backup File can be renamed.
  5. Now, users must uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall using the play store.
  6. After reinstalling, the same procedure of verification of details and restoration is to be followed.

These are some of the means using which users can save their backups on different devices. It is ideal for those who want to have good data clarity.

Backup Conclusion

Users must take note that restoring chats is an easy process. All the chats and media exchanged through WhatsApp is accessible post backup. The only concern is that you must enable your backup option for automatic use. Another critical point to note is that the messages sent to a WhatsApp account undergoing Backup do not get backed up.

2. How to restore WhatsApp backup on Android?

In today’s era, WhatsApp is the most popular app for communicating with Family and Friends. It has even overtaken the traditional SMS services and holds quite a lot of importance in our lives.

However, in the case, if we ever lose our Phone or Data, there is a chance that we might lose our WhatsApp chats and the critical material in them. But there is a more straightforward way to retain our Chat history on WhatsApp irrespective of anything. Whatsapp is increasingly becoming a powerhouse in the tech industry. We can expect easy messaging with the application every day. It is super easy to go through multiple messaging services with this platform. The recent privacy issues aren’t a concern for the majority of users. In this guide, we will tell you everything about restoring the Whatsapp backup on your Android.

What to do before restoring WhatsApp chats on Android Phone?

It is easily possible by Backing up our chat history on Google Drive and locally on the Phone’s internal storage. It is known as WhatsApp backup. The former is the one that I would suggest since it can be accessed and restored from any Android Phone phone and is foolproof if you lose your mobile or it gets stolen. A local backup is an option that works if you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp but not if your Android Phone phone gets stolen or the Data erasure.

WhatsApp has an integrated feature for all Android Phone users to back up the Chats on Google Drive, and thus it is straightforward to back it up on Google Drive.

The feature also includes the option to set a backup to Google Drive frequency so that it automatically happens at the set frequency without causing any hassle and keeping the chat history up to date.

How to backup WhatsApp chats to Google Drive? (Step by Step)

Google Drive is the most popular and free to use cloud storage platform. It is highly effective for all android users. Users can easily create a google account to get up to 15 GB of free storage. The Whatsapp chat media will be relatively less in size. You can effectively take the Backup with you. Users can explore the service efficiently and get tremendous benefits. In this section, we will learn how to backup and restore the Whatsapp chats on your Android. You can back up the data to Google Drive using the following steps.

  • Visit Whatsapp

You have to open the WhatsApp app. Now you can click on the More Options button. It is accessible by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen.

  • View Settings

Users can select the Settings option.

Then click on the Chats option.

In this menu, choose the Chat Backup option.

  • Backup your chats

The app will now provide options for Back Up. Choose the Google Drive option. If you have multiple Google Drive accounts saved to your Phone, the app will prompt you to choose one Google Drive account for the Backup. Users can select a google drive according to their preference.

  • Frequency

Once the Google Drive account is up and running, you can set the Backup frequency to Google Drive daily, weekly, monthly or never as per your preference. Once you have set up the backup procedure on Google Drive, the data would automatically back up as per the frequency.

How to restore WhatsApp chats and media from Google Drive on Android Devices? (Step by Step)

Once you have the Backup up and running on your Google drive users can try out the Android restore feature. When you have to convert the Backup from Google Drive, you can use the following steps:

  • Reinstall Whatsapp first

In case you have to fix the blockage from Google Drive on a new phone, install the WhatsApp App on your Android Phone phone. In case you want to fix it on a used phone, you can uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp App on the Phone. Until the app installs, you can ensure that your Google Drive ID, which has the Backup is logged in on the specific Phone so that it is easier to access from the Google Drive App.

  • Set up account

Upon installing the app, launch the app from the Home screen or the App Drawer on your Phone. WhatsApp will now ask you to verify your number since the WhatsApp accounts links to your Mobile Number. While entering the Mobile Number, ensure that the Country Code is correct.

  • Restore account

Once the mobile number is verified, WhatsApp will prompt you to restore your Data when you see this prompt and tap and restore the Data from Google Drive. Your chat history and the Media you have backed up to your Google Drive is available on your Phone. Ensure that you choose the correct Google Drive account.

  • Start Messaging

Once the restoration from Google Drive completes, tap the Next button. It will start the initialization. Upon initialization, you can see your chats. Once the WhatsApp messages get back on your device, WhatsApp will begin converting the Media you have backed up on Google Drive. It includes your Photos, Videos, GIFs and even the voice notes and audio media.

One thing to remember while restoring this Data from Google Drive is to connect to a WiFi network. I recommend this to ensure that too much of your Network data is not necessary since these backups are generally large.

Issues with Whatsapp Backups and Restore

In case you click to continue to WhatsApp without restoring your data, you might lose the Data forever, so be careful while restoring the data.

When restored from Google Drive, the Data restores to the last Backup, which was up and running. Hence, we recommend to back the data up to Google Drive weekly, if not daily. It will ensure that if you have to restore your Data, it is at the latest date as possible and you do not lose any of the sensitive or valuable information from your WhatsApp chats.

Restore Conclusion

In summary, backing up your chat history to Google Drive is vital so that you do not lose any of your chats. Setting up the Backup to Google Drive is relatively easy, and once initiated, the process sets up to an auto frequency. It is to make sure that your chats are always safe and accessible from different devices, irrespective of what happens to your Android Phone device.

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